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  1. 2 cups of Soaked(12hrs) Sunflower Seeds
    3 Cloves of Garlic 1-2 Handfuls (1cup chopped) Thai Basil
    1 Celery Stalk 1 Carrot 2 tsp of Salt Smidgen of Cayenne Pepper(optional)
    1 tsp of Paprika
    2 tsp of Cumin
    1 tsp of Garlic Powder A little squeeze of Lemon
    1 piece of Nori Pulverize, Spread,
    12 hrs. at 115 in Dehydrator
    Sandwich 1 Sunflower Basil Nori Cracker
    2 slices of Avocado 1 slice of Cucumber 1 slice of Tomato
    2 slices of Jalapeño Some Greens A couple of Olives
    is this correct?

  2. I love studying anatomy and physiology and cell biology and immunology, all the cells and stuff its just amazing what is really going on in the body, and these videos make me think about all that again and want to study it lol..

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  4. Neuro Linguistic Programming, people use it to manipulate other people, normally to sell stuff or by politicians to make you think a certain way. The 'OK' sign is a typical NLP, Dan seems to use it alot now

  5. i gave up eating all that garbage a couple years now.. and unfortuantely i was out late with my friends and they wanted to eat there.. long story short.. only 10 mins after eating that stuff i started throwing up in the parking lot. i think NO ONE should be eating that chemical infested crap at all!

  6. DTM. Can you recommend a really good self help book that talks about not abusing your self w foods. I dont have any drug problems but i always turn to food for every situation. Good show thanks for sharing !)

  7. Helo Dan,nice recipe, im diabetic type 2 and and y suger levels are normal now im eat row… also can you recomend some recipes for diabetics??? I hava few books for Gabriel cousens and Joel Furhman but i want some new recipess
    Thanks Grettins from Mexico!!!!

  8. Dan, do you and Sophia eat enough calories? Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is total raw, too, and she says she tries to eat 2,000 calories a day so she maintains her weight and nutrition. Do you eat enough each day, dear? By the way, the raw crackers look fantastic!

  9. I appreciate that you're letting go of the perfectionism from the past – I know you've been working on it, and it shows. You're so much more relaxed and it seems like you enjoy making videos more too. Keep it up Dan! 🙂

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