HEALTHY RECIPES: Delicious Green Pepper Bowls

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING**************** Half of my prepping process was not pictured. (Vegetable, chicken and pepper prepping) Just want you …


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  1. Brett – you are awesome and all your videos are awesome and you are doing great things, but I'm really passionate about this "rinse chicken" myth.

    What happens is – someone rinses raw chicken and tiny tiny pieces of bacteria splash up onto clean dishes sitting on the dish drainer next to the sink. Then a child eats off the contaminated dish, gets a series illness, possibly dies. Rinsing raw chicken is bad. It really is. I urge you to Google it.

    Please – post a note on the video at 0:30 saying "I was wrong, do NOT rinse chicken." 

    And to anyone else who thinks "washing everything is good," do yourselves a favor and Google "should I rinse raw chicken." Sorry if I'm negative, but this ignorance is causing unnecessary food poisoning every day.

  2. hi BRETTCAP I m so sorry for those that are giving u such a dumb stupid shit comments ,  they dodnt appreciates what u guys do is they own dunkey bumbs lol ,
    but anyways thank u so much for the amamzing food u are teaching us for free and for u beautiful gf around teaching us make ups ,,
    u both are amazing and cute together ,,, I love u both . and great job  

  3. There is nothing wrong in giving chicken a rinse before cooking if this is what you want to do, give the guy a break. I think the recipe looked lovely thanks for sharing and i have subscribed. 

  4. WOW,at some of these comments,. REALLY??? you would think you didn't have to explain whats already common sense LOL… anyways, I just wanted drop a comment a thank you and your beautiful GF for GENUINELY caring trying to help people all around the world. You're a great role model of what a REAL MAN should be! instead of t bashing this MAN I would take some tips boys lol..
    thx brett for the awesome video.

  5. Despite the negativity i see people posting i think your meals look great and gets me out of the same boring meals I always cook. thanks for doing what you do I appreciate the time you take to make all these helpful videos as a person that's just starting her weight loss journey thank you so much.

  6. I love green peppers & that dish looks so good. I'm also into health foods (can't stand fast foods). I'm going to try this out Saturday with my daughter. Thanks!  Oh, hi Carli sweety. I follow U as well <3

  7. It's true..anyone who's studied food health and safety recommends that you don't wash the meat. All bacteria is killed because we cook at such high temperatures. But the recipe is great will try it! 

  8. You need to either stop making cooking videos or stop giving bad advice to people. NEVER wash chicken before you cook it. What are you using a sponge and antibacterial soap to clean it? Probably not.  There is no point in rinsing off raw chicken. You kill the bacteria with something called HEAT. All you are doing when you rinse raw chicken is spread bacteria to anything that is near by. 

  9. Awesome thanks!! I cooked that today! =] but I put the peppers first in boiled water until soft… and I also added mushrooms, corn, and to the chicken I added red pepper! I made 6 and put them all stuffed in a crystal container, all fit perfect! And looks very fancy…

  10. Lol at the people who are constantly criticizing about how he should use this over that, scrapping his pans, and it's not enough food.
    I do not see a profile photo for y'all showing how in shape or more health knowledge you have over him. CLEARLY what he's doing is working, along with Carli.
    Just simply watch and go on ..
    And who cares about his pans seriously.

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