Garlic Roasted Asparagus | Healthy Recipes

For more great recipes visit: Like asparagus? Like garlic? You’ll love this healthy, LiveFit-approved recipe! Add it as a side dish to your …


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  1. Made this for the first time with gluten free salmon patties. The whole thing was awesome, and my house reeks of garlic….which should keep Nosferatu at bay. Video was a bit long. Maybe just edit it down and loosen up a bit. Other than that I'm subscribing.

  2. Thanks. Very helpful video. And my asparagus turned out pretty tasty, even though I didn't have fresh garlic and only used garlic powder. And clean up was indeed a breeze. Once it was on my plate, I tried sprinkling a little Kraft grated parmesan cheese on top as well… which I believe improved the appearance a bit and also tasted pretty good. You should try that. You obviously enjoy cooking… so thanks for sharing how you cook.

  3. Too much talk, too much time wasted on so simple thing to do…anybody can do that demo more effectively in less than 3 minutes…we can see what you are doing and do not have to describe them one by one……that is why there is video lady !!!!….real creepy lady who clearly wants attention only……i rate you -0 !!!!!!

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